Capsule counter

Handheld Capsule Counter is a device that can assist in the rapid counting of capsules. Compared with large counting machines, it is operator-friendly and low in cost. It can easily and effectively increase capsule counting speed. It is suitable for small and medium-sized products. We offer metal and Acrylic Manual Capsule Counter Tray/Board, safe and durable, and they are applicable to capsules in all different sizes and raw materials. For any specific requirements on counting numbers, we also provide customization service for you.

Manual Metal Capsule Counter CN-50MC, CN-100MC

The CN-50 capsules counter utilizes advanced capsules filling technology, which designed to meet the needs of both occasional and regular uses in small quantities.

£152.94 £152.94
Manual Capsule Counter

This counting board counts 15/30/50/60/80/90/100/120/180 pcs capsules per time.Size from (000-5). We can make the counting amount number as customer request,but it will cost extra.